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YOGA DANCE MAGIC™ classes transport you on an adventure into awakening your true self.

We begin with invigorating yet gentle yoga, activating your breath with intuitive postures. Through free form, non-choreographed movement to awesome music, we'll transform together as we move into an epic dance party! The class closes with cool down stretches, restorative poses and a sweet savasana.

all levels welcome!


meet your teachers



Emma Davis

RYT-500, RPYT, Founder

Emma is a Santa Barbara based yoga instructor who believes that yoga has the power to burn away illusion, and by working well with the body, the mind and spirit can transform. Yoga has helped her to develop a spirit of optimism and humor, transmuting restlessness, fear and anxiety into expansiveness, calmness and clarity. She has completed over 500 Hours of training in San Francisco, where she gained experience teaching traditional yoga and various specialties including Pre/Post Natal, Children and Teens, and Restorative Yoga. She then had the opportunity to create a whole new type of class—something that she couldn’t find anywhere else. A class that combined her love of simple, feel-good yoga poses, free-form dancing, super fun music — and YDM was born. She loves how YDM brings people together in community more so than any other yoga class she has experienced. Since then, she’s discovered the magic of bringing yoga outside with the addition of wireless headphones to create a truly unique experience. Today, she leads mindfulness meditation, SUP, hiking and beach yoga in Santa Barbara's most beautiful outdoor locations. As she continues to learn how to listen to her own heart, she intends that you leave her classes radiating light, with confidence, ease and so much joy! Follow along on her Instagram.


Ally Devi

RYT-200, Instructor

Ally is a yoga and mindfulness educator based in San Francisco, however she regularly embarks on travels near and far seeking meaningful adventures and following her wanderlust heart. She is forever a student, always learning and delighting in all of the beautiful offerings around her. Ally genuinely believes in the positive benefits that arise when we intentionally move our bodies with breath and compassionate patience & love. She is deeply grateful for these practices that keep you returning home to your truest self and instill a sense of calm amidst the chaos. Ally loves to dance and fill her life with magic. View her website and follow along on Instagram.



RYT-200, Instructor

Gecolea grew up on the beaches swimming and surfing in Ventura, CA. She graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Psychobiology with a strong interest in Integrative Medicine. After graduating, she traveled and lived abroad in Costa Rica and India and found her roots here in beautiful Santa Barbara. She completed an immersive program in Rishikesh, India, the holy city of yoga at the foot of the Himalayas. She delved deep into the heart of yoga, Ayurveda, massage, sound healing and meditation. She currently specializes in therapeutic yoga centered on healing, balance, and stillness. Her expertise lies in providing a space for people to feel connected to their body, breath, and vibrations as well as connecting with each other. Her roots are in feeling the earth's vibrations through sound, movement, and finding a still space for humanity and nature to thrive together. Follow along on her Instagram.


Laura Soulei Goe

RYT-200, Instructor

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Laura spent and still spends much of her time adventuring in nature, playing in the ocean and dancing into the summer nights. She embodies the light-hearted spirit that is incorporated in every class. Laura’s background is in Vinyasa yoga with an emphasis on proper alignment and creative sequencing. She completed her 200-Hour teacher training in Santa Barbara January 2018. Since completing her certification she has furthered her education in Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga. Her goal is to empower students to use the tools of pranayama, meditation and asanas on and off the mat to find balance in all aspects of being a human. The focus of Laura’s classes is to let go, let lose and challenge the strength each student has while staying present in what the body is asking to release, nurture or let go of. View her website and follow along on Instagram.


Kylie Wagner

RYT-200, Instructor

Kylie is an avid handstand-er, book worm, rookie climber, and sustainability buff. Her discipline and enthusiasm for yoga stems from her own transformation with the practice. To Kylie, yoga is not so much a way to manage stress (although it absolutely does), but an opportunity to explore consciousness and connect to your deeper, more playful Self. She has maintained a consistent yoga practice since 2010 and continues to evolve it through regular workshops, trainings and self-study. In 2016, she received her 200-Hour Yoga certification in San Francisco, CA. For the last two years, she has been pursuing her advanced training through the Santa Barbara Yoga Center, studying under teachers including Cheri Clampett, Heather Tiddens and Arturo Peal. View her website and follow along on Instagram.


Corinna Bernasko

RYT 200, Instructor

Corinna has been on the path of health since she was 16 entering her first gym. This path eventually lead her to holistic health and Yoga, but not the way one might expect. She was drawn to Yoga for it’s aspects of studying higher consciousness, which continues to keep her fascinated for more. Her at least equal passion and deep love for nature has drawn her into the worlds of sustainability. Together these two passions have turned into her lifestyle brand MANU, combining the worlds of personal growth & sustainability for intentional living. She believes it is the solution to our environmental crisis - a shift in consciousness, while providing people with the solutions that empower themselves and the planet. It is her passion to help others unleash their infinite potential and with that help them find and share their gifts to make the planet a better place. She does this through her brand, her Yoga offerings and one-on-one as a transformational coach. Dance has been a big part of Corinna’s life since she was a kid. It’s her medicine, her refuge, her source for creative energy. She is excited to help you find that spark in you to let loose and step into the authentic powerful self you truly are. Connect with her on Instagram.


Sarah Lane

RYT-200, Instructor

Sarah is a sun-worshipping Los Angeles based Power Yoga instructor inspired by nature and freeform dance. Since beginning her practice in 2011, Sarah has developed a devotion to whole mind-body wellness and a deep love for yoga philosophy. Through teaching yoga, she encourages strength and peace, connecting her students with their highest selves while cultivating optimal health. Sarah holds a safe space for healing and free self expression. She loves live music, playing on the beach, vegan food, and spiritual books/podcasts. Originally from Maryland, Sarah followed her heart to California to live her dream of teaching yoga on the beach to incredible yogis like you. View her blog and follow her journey on Instagram.


Luke Loggins

RYT-200, R-CYT, Instructor

Luke was born and raised here in Santa Barbara. He spent the last year traveling the world and teaching yoga on the Big Island of Hawaii, but he believes nothing beats SB. He enjoys long walks on the beach, surfing small waves that aren’t too scary, and listening to music! At the moment, his favorite artist to flow to is Frank Ocean. To Luke, yoga is connection. He believes when we connect our breath to our movement, we connect to a community and build relationships, and we connect to our higher Self. It’s all about the self love. Check out his adventures on Instagram.


kimberly zimmerman

Founder and CEO of The Juicy Life brand, Kimberly Zimmerman has made it her life’s mission to create and exercise a natural approach to total body health. Her passion in guiding others towards a healthy mind body relationship and living one’s best life through nutrition and yoga has culminated in the opening of The Juicy Life Yoga studio where she is thrilled to share her knowledge of wellness and achieving balance amongst The Juicy Life community and beyond.


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“A perfect SoCal experience! I would recommend it to everyone and will definitely do it again!”



"We especially enjoyed the music. Such a great time and I can't wait to do it again!"

-Jon W.


“Downright magical.”



“When you get to dance for everyone and no one simultaneously, count me in FOREVER.”

-Kinley W.

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“We had freedom to dance and express ourselves and were vibing high for the rest of the day!”



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What a great experience! I loved every moment of it. This was my first time doing yoga on the beach, and as challenging as that was, the atmosphere, music, and instruction made it so enjoyable! I loved the headphones, such good quality sound, and LOVED how they captured the sound of the wind, waves & seagulls as well as the instructions. I’d do this every day if I could. Thanks for a great memory!
— che via @airbnb
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